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Pause. Breathe. Choose. (eBook)
Pause. Breathe. Choose. (eBook)
Pause. Breathe. Choose. (eBook)
Pause. Breathe. Choose. (eBook)

Pause. Breathe. Choose. (eBook)

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It’s 5:00p.m. You are making dinner. Your spouse is going to be late...again. Your 3-yr-old just drew on the wall with permanent marker. Your 6-yr-old is complaining that he hates mac & cheese (after begging you to make it). Your other kids are fighting. As you jump in to prevent black eyes and broken bones, one of them lands a punch right on your nose.

You’d like to yell, hit, cry, and/or run away and never return.

Instead, you... Pause. Breathe. Choose.

Learn more in this 28-page eBook that is part insight & instruction and part workbook.

This eBook is for you if: You want to build confidence and strengthen your ability to make empowered choices, so you can change how you respond to the challenges life throws at you.

What you will learn: 

  • How to respond to challenges with love and creativity (vs. reacting automatically from habit or fear)
  • How to recognize and utilize your power to choose
  • A simple formula that will empower you to shift out of negative cycles and into creating more of what you want—happier, more harmonious homes, more connection with your spouse and kids, creative and positive solutions to the problems you face. 


Through 28 pages of insights, including real-life examples and fill-in-the-blank practice scenarios to help you understand, internalize, and apply the ideas.

Plus, bonus FREE prints to remind you to Pause. Breathe. and Choose.

Add it to your cart now to transform your relationships, perceptions, motivations, choices, and your life!

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